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translation | proofreading | transcription


French into English

Romanian into English

English into Romanian

translation of written texts (FR-EN, RO-EN, EN-RO)

- strict standards of grammar, style, accuracy, and research will be adhered to

- queries will be flagged up and clarified to ensure the quality of the final text


bilingual proofreading of translated written texts (FR-EN, RO-EN, EN-RO)

- checking translation (target text) against original text (source text)

- changes suggested will be explained clearly and in detail


simple proofreading of written texts (EN, RO) 

- checking spelling, grammar, punctuation, vocabulary and overall coherence


transcription of audio files (EN, RO) 

- transcribing simple dictations and one-to-one interviews


copy-typing of written texts (EN, RO)

- typing handwritten or printed documents