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A lot of my work is confidential but some of it comes in the form of websites and articles published in magazines:

Manuscripta Bibliae Hebraicae

Muriel Génot

Emmanuel Macron: Blowin' in the wind

Meet the Fantaros: Greece’s soldiers of good fortune

Brussels Attacks: The morning routine turns upside down

Attacks in Istanbul: The singularity of evil

London: Hackney Wick, Fish Island and the shadow of cool

The art of aging in Christian life

5 things you need to know to understand the rise of Daesh

How can German entice young language learners?

Revoking nationality: What's the deal across Europe?

Attack in Istanbul: The banality of evil

Toto and His Sisters: Between shadow and light

Heading East (2/3): Being young and Kurdish in Eastern Turkey

The haunting aftermath: How Europe recovers from attacks

The European Council's conclusions for dummies

San Antonio: Madrid's hipster church

Attacks in Tunis: "They shall not win!"

Brussels: The "jihadi town" turned "ghost town" (1/2)

Brussels: The "jihadi town" turned "ghost town" (2/2)

Using drones to punish speeding

Citizens' dialogue with Juncker: What now for Europe's future?

Paris 10, Paris 11: The Paris of my 'firsts'

The last cigarette goes out: Helmut Schmidt dies

Bucharest nightclub fire: PM resigns in wake of protests

Bucharest: Tragic ball at the Colectiv Club

War in Europe? Not so impossible

The logic of accusation has no end. Adam Michnik and Andrei Plesu discuss "resistance through culture"

When personal integrity is not enough. Herta Müller and Gabriel Liiceanu discuss language and dissidence

The digital Pharmakon

Romania: Bologna versus entrenched interests

European University Reform

I like Mostar: are there really no tourists who want to go to Bosnia?

City planning in Budapest: making poverty invisible

Football: a poor man's sport? Not for Qatar

Older migrants of Europe: forgotten until when?

Join the family business in Crete

Racism and discrimination for Brussels migrant workers

British Star MIA's 'Born Free' video: hair-raising food for thought


For a sample of my writing you can also read my published academic article The Language of Home.